Success Stories

May 17, 2016

ss_1Our Client Successes Include:

Leading provider of financial services
Operating in a demanding industry vertical where regulations change frequently and having operations in many jurisdictions provided for a complex risk and compliance management process.
Leverage Maclear eGRC Suite™ to:

  • Effectively and efficiently manage compliance to SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, Basel II and PCI.
  • Provide a rolled up view of the organizational risk posture.
  • Formulate a Resolution and Recovery framework to address Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
  • Implement a risk based approach to 3rd party vendors.
  • Monitor and remediate breaches.

Key educational services provider
An established provider of educational services both online and classroom based with an expanding business primarily US focused but growing internationally facing many challenges.
Maclear eGRC Suite™ helped to:

  • Manage Student Privacy.
  • Enhance 3rd party supplier assessment with a risk based methodology.
  • Create a central risk register mapped to business processes and owners.
  • Establish a compliance framework to demonstrate adherence to regulations.
  • Implement Policy lifecycle management.

Leading Retail consumer goods chain
A large consumer goods supplier sourcing merchandize from several international jurisdictions operating online and with outlets spread nationally is subject to multiple risks posed by its business operations.
Leveraged Maclear eGRC Suite™ to:

  • Establish a robust assessment framework to manage its supply chain and put in place appropriate policies and practices to remediate disruption in supply
  • Implement a Threat management program
  • Formulate and communicate an Anti- Bribery program
  • Ensure data privacy and PCI compliance

Regional energy supplier
Facing increased scrutiny from regulators and having to ensure compliance in order to avoid ever increasing fines and censure whilst operating under severe budget constraints was a difficult operation.
Maclear eGRC Suite™ and Maclear Professional Services helped to:

  • Establish a GRC Framework and Roadmap based on priority and resources.
  • Ensure compliance to FERC and NERC.
  • Implement the Training and Awareness for Health and Safety program.

Large healthcare services provider
A rapidly growing healthcare provider operating in the public and private sector faced challenges to merge newly acquired operations and creating a single governance framework at the enterprise level.
Maclear eGRC Suite™ helped to:

  • Integrate and consolidate multiple policies and practices.
  • Establish a central vendor assessment framework.
  • Centralize and formulate a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Ensure and demonstrate compliance to HIPAA and HITECH.

Medium sized Manufacturer
A medium sized manufacturer operating at a national level and supplying international clients needed to comply with stringent international quality standards. Increasingly required to supply and support service level agreements and needed to demonstrate risk awareness for failure to deliver products and services.
Enlisted Maclear Professional Services and leveraged Maclear eGRC Suite™ to:

  • Demonstrate and maintain ISO27001 accreditation.
  • Establish and demonstrate compliance to NIST and FFIEC.
  • Create a central repository to manage and monitor Service Level Agreements provided to clients to remediate disruption of service.

A large Insurance provider
An established provider of insurance services across multiple risk domains operating at a global level looking to enhance current governance processes and demonstrate compliance to local regulations.
Engaged Maclear Professional Services and Maclear eGRC Suite™ helped to:

  • Formulate, sell internally and assist rolling out a GRC Roadmap.
  • Implement GRC Dashboards at Board Level for Risk Committee meetings.
  • Help with Solvency II compliance.