May 11, 2016


Maclear eGRC Services

Maclear aims to deliver value and expertise as an integral part of our offering. We have established a talented team of leading experts in every industry vertical. The Maclear Professional Services (MPS) team of experts are ready to assist clients in the design, implementation and maintenance of enterprise governance, risk and compliance requirements.

These highly committed individuals are well versed in implementing and deploying the Maclear eGRC Suite™ within rapid timeframes.

Organizations often require assistance to understand their environment and map out the links between different business processes and how they interact. MPS can help understand these relationships by creating GRC Roadmaps or Frameworks. This exercise enables organizations to clearly understand their current status, highlight gaps to be addressed and prioritized to achieve the desired business aims and objectives.

MPS is solution agnostic when it comes to designing, implementing and supporting GRC solutions We are the only known solution provider to offer this service and enjoy such a unique position. MPS will help create a GRC Roadmap or Framework, scope, design, implement and support any third party eGRC tool.

Customer support and after sales service are an integral part of Maclear’s products and services. We aim to provide industry leading support and after sales to ensure our clients obtain the best benefit from our software and service.

Training and awareness (T&A) is another service we are constantly being asked to provide by many of our clients. MPS as developed a best in class reputation for its training and awareness programs.