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We aim to deliver value and expertise as an integral part of our offering.

Asset Management

Maclear’s asset management solution provides a central repository of the business hierarchy and operational infrastructure.

Policy and Compliance

Maclear’s Policy and Compliance module provides a single point for any organization to create, edit and review policies that are mapped to industry regulations and standards.

Risk Management

The Maclear risk management solution enables organizations to identify, assess, manage and monitor risks in line with the organization’s risk appetite.

Vendor Management

Maclear’s award winning vendor management solution streamlines and provides effective oversight of vendor information and relationships.

Business Continuity Management

Maclear’s business continuity management solution combines business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management in one comprehensive module.

Incident Management

The Maclear incident management module is used to manage multiple types of events from cyber to physical to ethics violations. Incidents can be evaluated based on criticality and assigned to responders.

Threat Management

Consolidating threat data from vulnerability scanners, malicious code reviews and security devices, the threat management module allows the correlation and analysis of threat data with automatic notification to responsible personnel or teams.

Audit Management

Designed to align with the Internal Audit (IA) Standards, the Maclear Audit management module helps organizations implement and manage their audit program.

What We Do..

We aim to deliver value and expertise as an integral part of our offering.
Maclear’s enterprise, governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) suite is a unique next-generation software solution.

Maclear’s founders and management team possess extensive eGRC knowledge and experience gained at global companies came together to start the business in 2010 and have developed a next-generation eGRC solution based on a programmatic approach to risk management that is fully integrated; enabling companies to meet the challenges posed by the pace and depth of regulatory change.

Maclear’s goal is to be the leading enabler for organizations and management to achieve process improvement, automation, collaboration, and sharing of information thus helping them to drive efficiency, effectiveness and agility across the enterprise in a dynamic and extended business environment.

To empower the User and pursue excellence in delivering the most easy to use and customizable eGRC software solution that can be rapidly deployed to help address any business criticality.

Maclear treats each and every interaction as a strategic partnership and strives to deliver a mutually beneficial value add proposition by continually investing in our people, product and processes. We aim to combine industry best practice with service excellence to deliver best of breed solution and services at a clearly defined and fair cost.

Our Team

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With over 20 years of experience as a global IT executive, Ketan has led IT and security divisions of large and mid-sized organizations.
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Depeche has more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance, risk management and audit, mainly in the financial services sector.

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